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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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plasma towers elementary school. that's where 75 staff members and students were huddled inside the building. the roof collapsed the school was in the storm's direct path. >> the children were hallway which is where they were supposed to be during the tornado drills and the roof collapsed on top of them and they suspect water lines broke and the children drowned because they couldn't get up from the debris. firefighters were going in in shifts there was probably approximately 400 firefighters that were waiting to go in as others were cutting the rebar. so they were taking shifts. as one group is in and they switch and another group would go in that way they are not getting exhausted or over worked or hurt. >> the crews continue to search that school through the night in hopes of finding more survivors. several students pulled alive from the school's rubble as
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rescuers pass the survivors down a human chain to the triage center. we are joined on the phone now by james rushing in moore, so oklahoma. his 5-year-old foster son was inside the elementary school inside the towers when the tornado hit. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. what a wonderful blessing for you as we are concerning there is a glimmer of hope for many parents there at the school. tell me what your son went through and tell me what you went through, please. (speaking on telephone) >> as i was waking up to hail went outside to find out there was a tornado on the ground and it hit my way my foster son was in school. when i seen the tornado start tearing the houses up around the
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school, i immediately ran into the school, because it was a safe place. >> mr. rushing when you arrived at the school what is the first thing that you did? what is the first thing that you saw? >> the first thing that i saw was students huddled down in the hallway in their standard tornado protection and as i went inside, the roof of the school flew off and immediately all of the children and adults were rushed into the bathrooms of the school on the interior of the school. >> you were telling me earlier that you had to put your body over a smaller teacher to protect her and your son was not in that bathroom with you, he was with other kids, other
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5-year-olds in another bathroom and you were reunited with him. describe that for us when you saw him for the fooirms after the tornado had left that area. >> total relief. total relief. i probably -- i picked him up to give him a hug. >> it was so tight. >> it was so tight. >> mr. rushing, are you aware of any other parents at this hour who are still searching for their children? i know it's a close knit community. have you been able to speak with any one else who had children in the school. >> the friends i have that have friends that have children in the school have all been reunited with their children. >> what's happening in your household this morning as you are waking up with all five of your foster children there under your roof alive, safe, healthy this morning. >> i am at my mother in law's
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and they are ready to go back home. >> i think everybody wants to go back to normal. >> unfortunately they don't realize there's not a home to go back to. >> you lost your house as well. that makes sense it's across the street from the school. >> i lived across the street, yes, directly across the street. and when i came out of the school my house was totally demolished. >> the one child at the school i understand i listened to you speak was in pre-k, is that correct? that's the foster child that was at the school. you said you have 5 foster children. were any of the other children at the schools who were evacuated? >> no, ma'am. i had one other child that is at the daycare.
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>> there was confusion about what grades were rack waevacuat. 5 k through 3rd grade were at the school and 4th grade and 5th grade were taken to a church. do you know why? was there not any more room? >> i do not know. i got a phone call an automated phone call saying that if we would like to pick up our children we were more than welcome to pick up the children leased to the parents only. i don't know why they would have separated the children. >> james rushing, we wish you all of the best and we are glad you have your son there and all 5 of your children with you. you seem like a good person for watching over and fostering these kids. >> thank you, james. >> maria molina is in our extreme weather center tracking what is next. >> the nightmare might not be over because we understand more storms are he had had gone for
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that region today. >> additional storms expected in the evening hours and nighttime hours. it is the same storm system producing severe weather across sections of the plains over the last several days. the storm prediction center has yet again issued out a moderate risk for severe storms across parts of texas parts of oklahoma, arkansas and parts of louisiana. a moderate risk out. that means we could potentially be seeing more long lasting torontos ef 3, ef 4 and possibly ef 5. this is something we need to monitor across this area. very populated places like the city of dallas are included in this. severe storms from parts of texas into the great lakes damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour large hail and tornadoes possible again today as we go into the afternoon and even into the nighttime hours.
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because it is slow moving we see storms rolling through the same areas. and flash flooding will be a threat today across texas and southern portions of the state of ill. something el -- state of illinois. we are still looking at storms rolling through parts of illinois, into indiana there is a slight severe threat with some of these storms. a tornado watch out for western parts of kentucky, indiana and illinois. that threat is diminishing. really typically during the afternoon hours. the sun comes out and that's why we tend to see these severe storms producing tornadoes and severe weather through the afternoon and into the nighttime hours. severe thunderstorm watch across eastern parts of oklahoma. now no tornado warnings are in effect. if any are issued through out the morning hours we will bring that to you. the storm eventually picks up in speed. take a look at this. if you live across the state of ohio and pennsylvania and new york, west virginia. you could be looking at severe
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weather more isolated severe weather but again damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes will still be possible as we head into tomorrow with the very same storm. >> thank you maria. >> thank you. >> just how big was this deadly tornado and how does it compare to destruction from the past? >> good morning to you, heather. weather experts are calling the tornado one of the worst in u.s. history and the first reports on the size and strength of this storm certainly support that. the national weather service is now classifying yesterday tornado as an ef 4. that is the second most powerful type of tornado winds reaching up to 200 miles per hour. but the change to an ef 5 when the national weather service takes a look at that later today. take a look at the path of destruction the tornado left behind. at points the twister was more than 2 miles wide and traveled more than 20 miles once it hit
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the ground. experts say what made the storm so devastating is how long it was on the ground, wiabout 40 minutes. image that. this isn't the first to hit the town of moore. an ef 5 tornado hit in 1999 and it cut almost exactly the same path. it packed winds over 300 miles per hour and left 44 people dead causing more than $1 billion in damages. the damage from yesterday's storm estimated to be 2-3 times worth than that. this is the deadliest storm since the massive tornado tore through joplin, missouri. it killed more than 158 people an ef 5. the worst in history was back in 1925 a tri-state tornado and ripped through parts of missouri, illinois and indiana it killed more than 695 people. look at that.
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that storm was also classified as an ef 5 and it was on the ground for more than 3 and a half hours. image that devastation chth ladies, back to you. thank you very much heather. appreciate it. take a look at some of the most harrowing images from oklahoma as victims flee the wreckage. we have seen these as they have been unveiled through out the evening picking through the rubble, the destruction looking for loved ones and survivors. >> we are joined now on the phone by oklahoma photographer paul helster who took many of these amazing and chilling pictures. good morning to you, paul. we want to go through each of these pictures. can you describe what was happening there on the scene. here is one that looks like an adult hugging what is this a child? >> a little boy. >> yes. i am not sure i am looking at the same photo. it was i believe a teacher who was hugging a child. >> man in the red shirt you can't see the little boy's face.
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>> paul, i have got to tell you that picture right there i began to see it last night, i think that will be one of the iconic pictures to come out of this. we are looking now at one with kids walking away from the school along with what appears to be two teachers comforting them. >> yes, okay. this was probably about 15, 20 minutes after the storm hit. things had calmed down a little bit. they had realized there was a gas leak in the school, had some rescue workers trying to sift through see if there happened to be any more children still remaining, but they were trying to get the kids away from the school at that time. >> when you have these children involved it really is just heart wrenching. now the next shot that we want to talk about this morning is the car it looks like there is a car flipped over some sort of a truck on top of another vehicle with a bunch of debris every
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where. looks like a junkyard. it used to be a neighborhood. tell us about this one. >> that is actually the parking lot of the school, and those i assume are teacher's automobiles there. every one of them just unrecognizable, all destroyed. >> paul, the next picture we want to take a look at i understand is a close-up shot of the tornado itself. this is amazing. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. this tells the story of what is headed their way being described as 2 miles across wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. how did you manage to capture this shot? >> i tried my best to get down to the south side of the tornado so that i could have a parallel path from a southwest to northeast direction. so i was south trying to move to
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the east, and kind of stay along side of it. i was at that point probably about a half mile to a mile away. you could feel the strong winds blowing into it and you could hear the roar and you could hear the destruction from that distance. >> i bet. >> when heather and i look at this video we are more than 1,000 miles away from it it is erie and scary. you say you were a mile, mile and a half away from it. what was going through your mind you can't escape that. it's huge. >> trying to be as careful as i could but trying to get into position for the shot that was necessary. that was a bit nerve-racking. you can assume they are going to go in a straight direction but if they take even just a little bit of a twist or turn it could head toward me and that could be the end of it.
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i was being as careful as i could with the engine running ready to move in either direction if necessary. >> take a look at the next picture you took. this one looks like children running away from the school. there's no grass on the ground it looks like just a muddy area they are running from. little girl looks like carrying a backpack or is that her long hair? looks like a little backpack. parents are in the background. >> this is probably again about 10 minutes or so after it hit. i don't think the rescue workers had necessarily arrived yet but there were teachers that i guess found another area another room that they had not been able to get the kids out yet. they were trapped inside and they found an opening to get the children out. so most of them could run out on their own at that point but some of them they also carried out. >> they are so little. you have to wonder like how old are those little children and do
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they really comprehend itwhat's going on at this point. the next picture you took two boys you can see their faces covered in dirt. clearly a look of anguish on their faces coming out of the school as well. tell us a little bit about this picture. oo was just typical of what i saw every where. i arrived probably within 4-5 minutes after the tornado hit the school, and children were coming out of the school at that time muddied and of course some of them bloodied. every child in the school i think was crying. the teachers were absolutely amazing how they tried to keep the kids calm as possible. and organize the situation and
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get the kids out. >> survival mode. this next picture incredible, paul. these are two adults. this lady on the far left she looks older than the giep on the right. they are both carrying students out of the school? >> those are more of children that were found in the areas they had to open up or dig out. not positive whether those are rescue workers. probably teachers or parents that arrived at the time were rushing in and out getting more and more kids out of that classroom or that particular area that had been blocked off. >> paul with "the oklahomian."
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>> 16 minutes after the hour. >> we are talking to one man whose home was completely obliterateed by the tornado. stay tuned as we leave you with these unbelievable images. thank you.
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>> more now on this fox news alert. at least 51 people dead including 20 children after the tornadoes pour through moore,
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oklahoma. the focus is on plaza towers elementary school which took a direct hit when winds ripped off the roof of the school with the kids completely exposed inside. we will have more in just a few minutes. >> we are joined on the phone by james moody. james' home was leveled by the tornadoes. i understand you live across the street from the school that was affected there. what have you been able to see of your home? what is left? is anything left at all? >> my home is a two-story house, the top level is completely gone. the bottom level is there. there is obviously a lot of debris. everything is destroyed that's on the bottom level. one side of the house is
2:22 am
missing. you can see the structure but staas far as the brick and everything it is gone. >> james, sounds like it's a very emotional experience. we cannot image what you are going through. i know it was all very difficult. what is the toughest part? what is the toughest part in all of this today? >> you know, i have got plans to get together with people to go in there today and just try and recover as much of our life as possible, pictures, things that truly have value to us. my children's keepsakes things that i can't just go down to my local department store to pick up and replace if that makes sense. >> is anything salvageable? >> we brought home our children from the hospital in outfits and
2:23 am
we have those and shadow boxes we recovered two out of the three of those. we are hoping to find the third one of those. they are not in good shape but at least we have them. >> i understand you were able to save possibly wedding pictures. i heard you talking earlier on one of the other shows last night i think it was to greta, you had some really kind words to say about your wife and what she and how she managed to handle all of this and deal with it with your children. >> you know, my wife, we have tornado drills at the house, the night before when all of the storms came through we were doing roll-call in our living room and my wife was just -- she knows her drill, sgheets all of our valuables she puts them
2:24 am
under the stairwell, what we ne when we need to go into the storm shelter she gets together each one of the kids who carries their own little set of goodies that needs to go down into the storm cellar. we joke my wife is organizer because she has everything right where it needs to be in any situation. >> and in this insurancidence sy have been a life safer as well she saved your wife and her children. >> she always sacrificed herself for the betterment of our children or somebody else. there was people walking up and down the streets last night and even though she is sitting there in the rubble of a home she is reaching out to go down the street to help something find
2:25 am
whether it be a child taking blanket -- towels even though they are okay and giving them away from someboto somebody. she has a heart of gold to help someone else. >> i was listening to that interview of greta as well. you were positive when she was talking the silver lining. it's a great opportunity to explain to the girls life is precious and we have each other. also they get to go shopping now. >> yeah, you know, my kids i have a statement that i live by and it's the work is not the work, it's the people are the work. and it's the relationships in life is what has value to us. i try to stay up beat in life no
2:26 am
matter how bad it is. this is a bad moment whchlt it is all over with we still have each other and that's what really has value in this life is the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. >> i don't think any one could say it better. thank you so much for spending some time with us and sharing your story. also if you go across the country you are watching i am sure gaining some hope from the words you just said there. >> i am sure mr. moody this will bring you closer together as a family. >> can i ask one quick question. i have been asleep all night. how many of the children did we lose? >> we are being told 51 fatalities and 20 of them are children. >> okay. so that number did not go up. at one point they thought there was 40 more they thought 20 of them were children. >> we spoke with the medical examiner's office and she said
2:27 am
she is expecting 40 more to arrive there at the office where she is located but that has not happened yet so. >> that hasn't happened. okay. all right. thank you. >> james, thank you, thank you so much. >> all right. thank you. >> he is going to go hug his girls and his wife. >> more coverage of the tornado will continue in just a few minutes. first another story making headlines. it wasn't just the ap being targeted by the justice department. apparently so is our fox news reporter our very own james rosen. his e-mails were being tracked. peter doocy is live in washington with those details. >> good morning, heather the justice department says my colleague james rosen published sensitive information that he was given by a source at the state department. an fbi agent in a request for a search warrant goes so far to
2:28 am
athe point james rosen is an aid error abetter and co conspirator. the news of the charges is very alarming as a first amendment attorney. >> the notion of pinning the label of criminal on the press because it gathers new from someone who may not have the authority to provide the news is extremely dangerous. >> in a statement james rosen says as a reporter i always honor the confidentiality of my dealings with all of my sources. meanwhile michael executive vice president of news at fox news says quote we are outraged to learn james rose enwas named a criminal co conspirator for doing his job as a reporter. it is down right chilling. we will unequivocally defend his right to what up to now has been
2:29 am
free press. >> he is a defender of the right of the press to pursue investigative journalism. he is also as i said as president and as a citizen insistent that national leaks that can endanger the lives of american men and women overseas be taken seriously. >> james rose ensays he was never contacted by any government or law enforcement officials during this investigation. they accessed his personal information and practiced movement by the state department. the time is half past the top of the hour almost. and coming up, he works for hillary clinton but lost his job after the benghazi terror attack and was never told why. now he's pointing a finger at the former secretary of state. >> coverage continues on the tornadoes. coming up next we are talking live to police in moore,
2:30 am
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>> now to a fox news lart. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
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it is 5:33 eastern standard time. they crouched in hallways and bathrooms waiting, hoping and praying. >> wow. what was it like when the storm went over head? >> it was scary. >> how did you get out of there? >> my friend benji and his dad helped us. he was there pretty quick? was everything on top of you guys? what was it like the ceiling? >> no the ceiling was gone. >> the ceiling was all gone. >> what was on top of you guys. >> (inaudible) >> your kids were the ones trapped originally. >> yeah, they had to dig him out from under the rubble. i am thankful. >> terrifying. >> driving up to it is more terrifying and not know. >> what went through your head as you saw him walk out of that rubble? >> tears of relief and joy.
2:35 am
thankful. >> so many parents facing that in moore, oklahoma after a massive twister scored a direct hit flattening plaza towers elementary school in moore, oklahoma. >> 51 childr -- 51 people inclu children dead. >> joins us on the phone. >> we were set up earlier right by the school. there is still search and rescue going on. an incredible scene a number of these stories and storms. destruction that doesn't make sense by the time you take a look at it. hard to get a sense of what is
2:36 am
what, what were homes and what the area is possibly now. communication is a really difficult thing in these processes, because there are so many different counties law enforcement that has to get in. getting communication between all of those forces is very difficult. we have five dloifrnt indications to try to get a picture up. every time we get there they say this isn't the spot. in that move i can tell you there is lightening going on just to the south of us. maria about the storms going through the area here. this storm they gave us an ef 4 that is a quick glance at the damage. that is certainly the case. the officers from the national weather service which is about 6 or 7 miles to the south of us is
2:37 am
where the storm prediction center is located, they are all going to be out here today and doing the investigation to see if it was an ef 4 or ef-5. we hear a lot of ef-4's. i expect to see it very possibly go up. >> i want to go back to when you were outside of the school. i know they moved you away from the school. i hope they moved you away, we are hoping as a fox news channel family, there will be debris lifted and kids will be found alive underneath that. any sign of that type of a story unfolding? >> we are 12-hours out from the storm. of course that is what everybody is hoping for one of the reasons why it's a difficult thing with the media we want to bring the story and pictures to the people. it does so much to bring resources and money in. a lot of times people say why are you guys out here?
2:38 am
we are doing a service and bringing attention and a lot of funds -- they will need a lot of money in this town. at the same time you want to balance that with being respectful for the work that is being done and the families who lost everything. i can't tell you what was a house because everything is one big pile of debris and the school right next to it and people holding out hope there are survivors. there are still obviously people missing. that is the hope of everyone here. >> when the sun comes up we will see what's left of the area. thank you so much rick. we will check back in with you soon. >> maria molina is in the weather center tracking the weather for the area. >> rick was talking about more storms possibly lightening in the region. >> we still have storms ongoing across eastern parts of oklahoma
2:39 am
outside of the oklahoma city area. feel free to jump in but i believe the town of moore oklahoma is about 10 miles away from oklahoma city. we have a threat for severe storms out there. we have a severe thunderstorm watch because of possibility of damaging winds gusts and large hail is still in place through out the day today. the storm prediction center has issued a slight risk for severe storms in parts of oklahoma. take a look at this area shaded in red. parts of texas, parts of arkansas and also louisiana have a moderate risk out. it was similar to what was issued out yesterday and the day before across parts of the plains where we see the devastating tornadoes. we have a risk yet again to see longer track tornadoes possibly ef 3, ef 4, ef 5 strength. the cities in this area dallas, texas waco and also shreveport in louisiana. these areas need to stay alert through out the day today and ee
2:40 am
special little during the afternoon hours and evening hours. once these storms fire up and potentially produce severe weather. but anywhere from if he cans as -- texas across the great lakes have chance of seeing strong to severe storms. that is strong moving storms we see severe weather across the plains and the midwest. flooding is a big concern. the ground is saturated. we have seen a lot of heavy rain. aside from the severe weather. flash flooding a concern in states like arkansas and texas and louisiana up into southern sections the state of illinois. a widespread area also looking at the threat for some possible flash flooding and like i mentioned as far as severe weather goes with tornadoes typically that is later on in the afternoon. we have a lot of wind here in place that provide rotation for some of the thunderstorms and why we get these tornadoes touching down. storms across oklahoma, arkansas
2:41 am
and parts of the great lakes. we expect another round of these as we head in through later on today. >> when is all of this going to be over? when is there going to be a break? people in this region this area of the country they need a break. >> i want to show you this next graphic as we mention that. we have a threat of severe storms in places like up state new york, pennsylvania the state of west virginia, ohio could be looking at another slight risk out here for severe storms. that is that next storm system. take a look at thursday. by wednesday we have a break across the plains but another storm system fires up. we have from the storm prediction center a slight risk for severe storms oklahoma panhandle texas panhandle could be looking at a slight chance of severe storms. this next one doesn't seem to be as strong of a storm system. this is not what you want to hear. another system that could bring rain just thunderstorms not good for cleanup efforts across parts
2:42 am
of oklahoma, but for tomorrow it does seem to be a brighter day across oklahoma. >> thank you maria. joining us now is sergeant jeremy lewis. thank you for taking the time to join us this morning. what can you tell us is the latest from the scene in terms of the search for survivors at this point. >> as of right now we are securing the entire area which is an enormous path. we have a 2 and a half mile wide by 15-20 mile long section we are trying to secure. we have numerous people that we know are still in storm cellars and in the debris we are trying to locate and get out of the area. that is basically what is going on right now. they are still searching plaza towers elementary school, and we will know today once daylight comes it will help a lot. right now it's still a search
2:43 am
and rescue effort. >> st. louis, i understand you heard this was happening you were on the south side of the city you drive into this area in moore, oklahoma and you see all of the destruction as we are seeing now in these pictures. used to be neighborhoods used to be school nows it looks like a junkyard. it looks like my brother's leg goes in his bedroom when he was a kid. it is unbelievable these were homes these were people's lives. what was your reaction when you drove up>> it is undecember describeable. in our city we have had large tornadoes. i was right behind the tornado as it went through the area. not be able to tell where you are at all of the landmarks are gone. names that have been here forever, there's nothing but just rubble. there is debris falling from the
2:44 am
sky when i sadie brie i mean 10, 15 pieces of metal falling out of the sky. it's really almost unreal. it's hard to grasp what is going on then you immediately go into a rescue effort and trying to pull people out of piles ch debr debris. >> i have two friends who went to moore high school there. they talked about surviving these storms. you mentioned the area had been hit before 99 being one of the times. were you there when any of the other tornadoes went through? how can you compare the devastation you are seeing today and last night to those storms? 1999, that was an ef-5. >> correct. the difference between that storm and this storm this effects a lot more of our city. it started on the west city limits of the city went through the entire city and never
2:45 am
lifted. if you take the city of moore, you take the center 2 and a half miles wide and scrape it clean is pretty much what it did. i haven't seen a tornado the distance between th-- differenc between this and 99 it was a slow moving tornado it looks like it almost stopped and set on our city for 10-15 minutes. that's what did so much of the damage it literally kept staying in the same spot. it is the same devastation that we saw in 99. it's just a lot wider and a lot longer in our city. >> we appreciate you going with us. thank you for describing these pictures for us and all of the emotions on the ground our thoughts and prayers are with your community. >> thank you. >> busy day ahead. this tornado left such incredible devastation this morning that the oklahoma newspaper declared it worse than
2:46 am
the historic storm that hit the town 14 years ago. >> heather nauert joins us with how this tornado stacks up against the others. good morning, heather. >> in that interview you just did let's pick up on that right now. the preliminary reports on the tornado putting it in the very same league as some of the country's worst tornadoes in history. the national weather service classified yesterday's tornado as an ef 4. that is the second most powerful type of tornado that exists. yesterday winds reached up to 200 miles per hour and take a look at the path of destruction here. at points the twister was more than 2 miles wide and traveled more than 20 miles but experts say what really made the storm so devastating was how long it was on the ground. this thing sat and spun on the ground for about 40 minutes. this isn't the first dead tloirn doe to hit the town of moore. there was an ef-5 that hit may
2:47 am
3rd, 1999. both tornadoes cut almost exactly the same path on this map right here. that 99 tornado packing winds of more than 300 miles per hour leaving 44 people dead. it caused more than a billion dollars in damages. the damage from yesterday's storm is expected to be 2 to 3 times that. monday's storm was the dead list as a tornado blew through jjopl. it was an ef-5 and killed 20 people. look at the pictures right there. that was called the tri-state tornado. it ripped through missouri, illinois, indiana and killed nearly 700 people. they didn't have the early warning systems but it was classified as an ef 5 and sat on the ground for more than 3 and a half hours. after surveying the damage later this morning the national weather service may reclassify
2:48 am
yesterday's storm as an ef 5. ladies? >> they have to get on the ground before they can make that official declaration. >> many people were wondering the folks didn't evacuate if they knew the tornadoes were coming through. we were on the east coast by sandy and a lot of people decided to stay because of the results of irene. irene wasn't as serious as we thought and here comes sandy which is very similar. they are in oklahoma with a tornado of course. our coverage of the deadly tornadoes in oklahoma will continue. we are joined life by a man capturing the most harrowing images by camera.
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>> welcome back. more now on that fox news alert. the search, it continues this hour for any survivors of that massive tornado that hit moore, oklahoma. at least 51 people have been killed, including 20 children. rescuers are focusing efforts on an elementary school. that's where dozens of third graders are still unaccounted for. the cover of "the oklahomaan" a local newspaper says it all. "worse than may 3." we're joined by the man who took that picture on the cover of "the oklahoman" today. paul, please explain this picture and that headline. >> i had covered both tornadoes. i was basically in the same position on the may 3, 1999
2:53 am
tornado. as a matter of fact, it was difficult to get calls through but i did get a call back to my editors, and i mentioned to them as bad as may 3 was, this one was every bit as bad if not worse. it is appearing to be the case. >> paul, we want to take a look at some of your other pictures that you managed to capture the images of this scene. this one, what appears to be two teenagers or young adults. i believe they are rescuers carrying two children from the school? >> yes. the rescue workers found an area of the school where there were still some children that were trapped, or at least blocked from getting out by some rubble, and they had opened that area up and were bringing those children out. some of the children could walk on their own but some of them for safety's sake i
2:54 am
suppose they actually carried out. >> paul, let's take a look at another picture. we have children that are walking away from the school. you can see the school in the background. it looks like they're being escorted either by parents or by teachers, maybe a teacher because it looks like she has an i.d. hanging around her neck. will you describe this for us? >> yes. as a matter of fact, i saw that particular teacher on a number of different occasions just absolutely doing a fantastic job of keeping the kids in order, getting them reunited with parents and bringing children out. at this time i believe they discovered this was a pretty significant gas leak that had broken pipes, and they were trying to get as many people away from the school as possible. >> paul, i think we have time for one more picture here. this nexte children, really little children, a little girl with pink shorts and a
2:55 am
little backpack just trying to get out of the wreckage, walking away, obviously terrified. >> yes. all of the kids naturally, as you can imagine, were terrified and frantic. lots of them crying for their parents. one little boy actually came up to me and said "i can't find my mommy. can you help me?" this particular photo was, again, a couple of the children who had been in that area that was blocked off that they opened up. and they were able to run out on their own while the rescue workers were pulling some others out. >> paul, we really appreciate you sharing these fantastic, interesting and chilling in many ways pictures for us this morning. >> did the little boy find his mom? >> as far as i know i think all were accounted for. took him over to a teacher who had basically helped out from there. >> thank you so much, paul.
2:56 am
>> thank you. >> we'll be right back with another update on the latest details from these deadly tornadoes.
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2:59 am
>> a recap of the disaster in oklahoma for you this morning. the images, they are unreal. the devastation, unimaginable. at this hour at least 51 people are confirmed dead, including 20 children, after a tornado tore through the town of moore with winds of up to 200
3:00 am
miles per hour. >> we will continue to bring you the latest developments as they happen on "fox & friends." >>gretchen: good morning everybody. it is tuesday, may 21, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us on a very busy news day. fox news alert. 40 minutes of terror as a monster tornado tears through oklahoma heugts a school, a hospital -- hitting a school, a hospital and wiping out neighborhoods. >> oh my god. this is not good. please, dear god, please keep these people safe. >>gretchen: this morning the heart wrenching reality is this so far. 51 people have died, including 20 children. that number expected to climb. >>steve: just to give you an idea of the destruction, take a look at the school before and after it was


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